Find and contact warm sales leads

LeadNuke monitors what people are saying online to find those who need you right now.

Your product or service solves a pain, and people experiencing that pain are talking about it online. They're in forums, blog posts, news articles, and social media sites. The web is an ocean filled with qualified sales leads. Find and capture those leads with LeadNuke.


Pay-per-click campaigns...


...make you wait for customers to come to you.

Mailing lists...


...give low conversions because they target demographics instead of immediate need.


Analogy-leadnuke part SONAR, part harpoon. It alerts you when customers need you and helps target your message.

LeadNuke is a new way to look at online sales lead generation. Unlike directory-driven mailing lists, LeadNuke is content-driven. It finds people and organizations online in real-time that are experiencing the problems you solve.

What the users are saying:

Since we've been using, we've had 60 leads come in that I'd have never seen before.
Joe Minock - CEO Adrenaline Commerce, LLC

How LeadNuke Works:

  • Lead Generation

    LeadNuke finds and alerts you when people around the web are talking about the problems you solve.

  • Email Templates

    Email templates allow you to write an email with placeholders that can be filled in for each sales lead.

  • Your Dashboard

    The dashboard allows you to rip through your queued sales leads, populating your template with information from each lead.

  • Detective

    LeadNuke integrates with Google search and LinkedIn to find and fill in missing contact info for each sales lead.